Powered by the intelligence of Amazon Connect and SugarCRM

iZeno 360 Hub simplify Call Support Services and improves your Customer Engagement

iZeno 360 Hub brings the most seamless solution yet, to modernise Contact Centre for businesses in all types of industry. With the integration of SugarCRM and Amazon Connect, customer support are powered with intelligence and agents are able to deliver timely support. 

Why you need iZeno 360 Hub

Customer experience is enterprise-wide effort.

Call-centre shouldn't stand alone.

Improve Service Productivity

Customer 360

Lower IT cost

Amazing Features

Sit-back and simply focus on making fruitful conversation

Get immediate notification of incoming calls with details

Pop-up Call Notification

Attend to enquires, drive  conversation, record activities, follow up action, all  in one platform.

Single Source of Truth

Free your mind from remembering numbers and eliminate error inputs.


Anticipate and update customer inquires during call engagement. Experience real time updates, interdepartmental 

Real-time update

Amazon Connect has been reserved to be the revolution of Contact Centre. The cloud-based set-up makes it so simple for businesses to deliver better customer conversational experience at lower cost. In just a few clicks, you are all ready to go! 

SugarCRM has long been recognised as the world’s most reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform suitable for every customer-centric enterprise. The platform accommodates customisation, easy to use and known for its powerful reporting tool. 

With iZeno 360 Hub, businesses can break down the departmental silos between Contact Centre and the rest of the corporate function.

Why Amazon Connect and SugarCRM

See how our plugin works and how it helps call agents productivity, performance-based decision making, leading to better customer engagement.


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